1. I’ve been doing a lot of flash fiction writing prompts, but it’s hard for me to get out of the mindset of a male point of view, especially when it’s a very plot-based prompt. I don’t want this, but I’m not sure how to work past it. I think that a lot of the stories I’m attracted to right now are mostly just little vignettes about people being idiots and not really knowing what to do, and … there’s already an established perspective that I’m relying on.

    How do you write something from a female perspective without making her seem completely incompetent? Or stupid?

    The characters in my stories are perpetually unsatisfied. Most of them want something they don’t know how to get, or even define, and I know it’s not really cool to talk about not knowing what you’re doing on a blog that anybody can read but I’ve just drunk too much coffee and my brain can’t settle down.


    1. Me: What do you call many hipsters? A brunch? A brunch of hipsters?
    2. S: a messenger bag of hipsters
    3. K: a latte of hipsters
    4. S: an "obscure band" of hipsters
    5. K: there is a term for a group of hipsters, but you've probably never heard it.
    6. S: no matter what term you come up with for a group of hipsters i will hate it.
  4. Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini